On love, loss and the friends that return.

In D/s, Bdsm on March 14, 2009 at 6:23 pm

When all is said and done, it’s often friendship that trumps love, obsession and the other trailing compulsivities that draw us to another.

Friendship has its own soulfulness, does not require similar temperaments and each often brings an ungainly difference in oneself to the meeting ground.

While we often feel driven to get closer to the merge point with the object of an erotic or romantic craving,( I mean, honestly..when was the last time you wanted to MERGE with a friend) friendship asks that we reveal ourselves, our soulfulness as it were in shared humor, acceptance, and leeway for gliches.

Theres a thing that takes over in the initial stages of erotic attraction..the Want..foregrounding all subtext..online or off.

The older one becomes it seems the more so we expect, even require friendship as handmaiden to our couplings..and the mastering of this is a tricky tango.
The soul tho could care less.It will drive us down to our knees for the taste of its darker appetites in ways that would render us unrecognizable to family and friends.
Family , friends, lovers all come with their own separate pathologies…
For me, when a lover has also been a friend and that has been deeply felt, the loss is the hardest.

I’ve learned a certain detachment to loss, as it were, over the years having been iniated, sceaming into some of the roughest types…I am not speaking of the erotic here, but the lesson transferred.

Embrace, and embrace Deeply..but also, learn the Grace in letting Go.

Just some thoughts, Cat


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