This is my body, respect it. Erotic self regard in D/s

In D/s, Bdsm on March 14, 2009 at 5:33 pm

Ok, so doing my bit for breast cancer research here.Anyone check out the gallery from the 2008 Bloggerboobiethon? ( breast cancer fundraising) Some lovely pictures…

respect and acceptance of our bodies is on my mind today..
Each one of us unique as our fingerprints, the body being conduit between mind and material world..at once malleable & sculptural…carbon, water and mystery..

There are so many ways that respect and love for our bodies is integral to participation in the kink landscape..

we need strength to weild and to yeild…

we need courage to know ourselves as subject and object

we need communication, rapport and trust to engage in the many edge play activities that involve the intimate exchange of fluids .. (I for one, do NOT beleive in blind trust)

one cannot afford to be naive..out of self love and an ethical approach to those we play with we need to be honest and forthcoming in our conversations.

We need intimacy with our own bodies before we can share and we need honesty and candor between ourselves and our partners..

Just some thoughts on the juncture where our bodies manifest..between vulnerability, disclosure and form…


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