Turning Cyborg, Do You cyber?

In D/s, Bdsm, Philosophy..sociological commentary on March 14, 2009 at 4:58 pm

I find the whole topic of virtual identity fascinating….that place where private and public media interface…identity fractures,morphs and mutates sending spliced versions of self careening along invisible channels into a veritable explosion of neighboring hive like cells.

I could go in multiple directions with this..it’s long been a fascination of mine,technology’s impact on the shaping of the self..but I am going to address the erotic.

Specifically…how has computer technology,cellular technology and the like impacted your erotic history?

What does the term cyber mean to you? And if you “cyber”, how has that extension of technology’s reach impacted your sense of yourself as a sexual being?

How has it impacted your own emotional and cognitive experience of a personal and idiosyncratic sexual history?

We can use avatars to represent ourselves in 3-d virtual worlds now..trying on genders and persuasions with complete anonyminity.

We can interact with individuals both geographically and socially far flung from where we ourselves are situated….

Still, given all that,like does tend to find like, and things remain less democratic than they seem..individuals retaining all their senses for picking up on cues on social status and power.

There is often here a versed argument, almost a hierarchy of order as to the relevancy and significance of experience…I’ve written on this subject in another post ..that what passes for online is somehow less relevant, impacting and “real” than offline.

Well, we are NOT turning cyborg, the age HAS arrived.

And for you folks who are the equivalent of the Luddites protesting the rise of the factories during the Industrial Era by smashing and looting..you will at the end of the day..have no more success than they did. Laughing.

This is Real. There are teenagers coming of age now who are having their first significant sexual emotional experiences online…what does that mean in terms of the construct of a personal sexual history?

Are terms like virginity mutating into something that involves a mouse and text rather than interpersonal touch?

And who are you as sexual being,with your mouse and your keyboard and your cell phone and your webcam ?

G  asked recently in her blog..what do you think of as sex?

Surely any answer now has to take into account the role technology plays….

I’d like a photo of me wrapped and bound by a landline cord,vibrating cell phone shoved inside my cunt,mouse rolling along my tongue…cams hung from the ceiling..

Just freaking wired for sound. For the sheer irony. ‘cept its no longer ironic..it won’t be for the next generation..

Think about this..there will be no irony left. Cyborg are us.com

Is here.

Cyborg…part human, part technological being. Mythos?


What does the term “cyber” mean to you…and if you “cyber” in some way,shape, or form..there’s multiple means.. are you in fact, part “cyborg?” Forget passing a value judgement. Just answer the question.

Don’t pull a Clinton and say it’s not “real” cyber if orgasm is not involved…cat


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