It Got Lonely inside the Bermuda Triangle..No, You Can’t make me Leave there.

In 1 on December 19, 2009 at 2:06 am

So, this blogspace has been defunct for 5 months. Hmm, went to NYC, and NJ and then took the default option. ..

Lost my words, spent the summer on energy drinks, cigs and air, maudlin and moody. Generally speaking was difficult and nasty to those who contacted me, and crawled increasingly into the closet. Now am back in NYC for a mid december visit, perusing the bookshelves to see the lousy erotica that’s being published..

meeting some fine upstanding NYC citizens, and angsting about the pipes bursting back home. I’ve been quiet about the whole edifice of D/s over the months, generally taking..I cannot help my own jaded state…a rather cynical approach to the approach of others..it’s not winning me any girl guide cookies…but WTF..

I find myself wanting to pen emails such as listen you fukfaced twat why aren’t you responding…this on business matters, not romantic connections.

It’s been a five month blast and a half. Yeah. Thankfully there are still some souls out there who still talk to me.

Moving thru.  The words, the words, will come.

cat..staring into my corona, havent looked at this blog in 5 months, hahahha,sigh. bare with me.


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