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Second Sehkmet Release/ Vamp goth Bdsm novella/Lucifer Lazerus and Poecatt

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Sehkmet has been released again. The interlude to the opening trilogy..the poem Skyrape, set to visual artist Lucifer Lazerus’s artistic interpretation…

The poem Skyrape written by Poecatt  is a noir goth dreamscape inspired by conversations between artist and writer last autumn. Sprung whole from Poecatt’s musings on the darkly sanguine indulgences of vampiric lore, both historic and contemporary, and its edged marginal positioning as Bdsm fetish,

Skyrape became the genesis of a collaboration that continues to unfold in Sehkmet.

We bring you this second installment as a continuation of a treat, and welcome feedback as the style and presentation has altered, as promised.

Contact us thru http://www.luciferlazerus.com..

Available for  carniverous and enticing free viewing at http://www.luciferlazerus.com

Who is Sehkmet?

look back into the shadows cast by Skyrape…the scent of bloodletting

on someone’s tongue..



Update second Sehkmet Release..Lucifer lazerus and poecatt..poecatt on the skew wing.

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Flying Air catt. Living out of a travel bag, taking in New Jersey.

Lucifer and I are still hoping to get to some artistic merger….my mind has kickedback in, temporary suspension of semantics has lifted, am penning again.

I usually have something  to say about where I travel..been rendered somewhat speechless by the jersey ambience..small town Assville.  Rockin on.

Hope to start taking pics soon. This is me the night before I flew, stretching out the arms.  It’s all shuffling like a pack of haphazardly tossed cards ,impressions that will stack up when  I return.

I’m sure the right brain and left brain will have met in in the middle by then,

and there will be some convergence and output.

Whatever, surviving, waving, hoping to bring you some fresh new collab soon.

Ps. check out the teaser cover of Lucifer’s and my Sehkmet 2nd release interlude…coming soon..check this out at his site at http://www.luciferlazerus.com

The release will be on the 16th, we continue to welcome your comments.

if you are having problems viewing check out scribed.com, first release fully viewable for free, plus our collection of illustrated erotic celtic poetry..For the Love of  Orange,a delightful sampling of our art and poetiks merged.

off to NYC tomorrow, catsmirks, later!

En Route..happicattin.

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En Route. My wingback has finally lifted..NYC and Jersystan , here I come!

Few words tonight, the  cat DOES have my tongue, the quiet before travel..

travel is always life altering in ways unexpected..

I am so happy about this trip..

have been waiting..with Lucifer shortly, collaboration, romance, friendship…I will be blogging my trip and taking photos,  check it out..

catdancin as always,

the cat xo

Sehkmet release coming. vamp goth bdsm art novella.Into D/s ? You will want to see this treat.

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Soon to be released. Sehkmet, a graphic novella, by visual artist Lucifer Lazerus, and literary poetic and prose writer, poecatt.
A delicious, arousing and disturbing exploration of the world of vampire goth merged with a bladed view of all things BDSM.
Set in the new millenia, addressing age old questions of good and evil, the nature of appetite, desire,  addiction and the contemporary craving to reach for immortality, this viral read will have you questioning your own appetites, and perhaps discovering new ones.

A footloose little submissive vampress turned Dommina when the Master’s away..havoc follows.  Much action, and blood on the tracks. Disturbed visuals.

Daring you to ride out a new compulsivity and as participatory readers, shape the outcome.

Stay tuned for an oncoming update..just stay off the track. A wreckloosed read, and treat for the eyes and soul,

from Lucifer and the cat.

Staking Out the attic, could be a horror tale in the making..

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So, tonight’s the night. I’m staking the attic.
yeah, after a couple of weeks now of listening to something drag itself around up there, something that appears to WALK, I’m going in.

I’m sufficiently amped on one too many amp energy drinks, I’m wearing my camoflage baseball cap, black leotards, hey this may require some weird martial arts moves, and I’m carrying a spray bottle of bleach for its eyes.
If it has eyes.

I’m strung as hell from wrestling with my comp programs for two days in trying to complete a manuscript, and at the moment I am looking like a great before picture for the Betty Ford rehab center. Or is it the Barbara Bush rehab.

I’m not up on my americanisms you know, I’m not even up on my canadianisms. I don’t watch tv, and when you land here on the tarmac, they burst into applause that the plane did indeed make it yet again, and you know you are somewhere..um..different.
Think the movie, The Wicker Man. Original version’s best.

I hear there is the usual uproar here in the virtual blog bog.
I must confess I am too challenged to figure out who’s who in these things.

If I catch it,(the thing in my attic) not whoever is busting everyone for terms of service, I’m gonna stab it.
Who me?
Living on the edge? frustrated as fuck?

No, I have the whole situation under control. hahahaha.


I am burning down the house, beginning with myself, apparently.

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I am becoming completely out of touch with my creativity. Or RATHER, creativity is not touching me…
thinner then a blonded blade of winter grass..brittle.

At first I did not see what was happening to me.
Death by slow painless hemmorhage.
Death by theft in the middle of the night,
The Man with the Black Sack cast over his shoulder,
stealing out my back door,
my soul inside,
my body still breathing, but
missing something essential
as I
tossed and turned bereft in my fitful dreams.

I’ve had a month of dreams of the Darkman..I close my eyes, go deep into the coolness of my pillow, and then they rise up
do battle… pillage, rape, and murder
declare themselves a nuisance to my nurture.

In the dawn, I am clumsy, accident prone, I have sustained three burns of late,
one from boiling water as my trailing sleeve caught on the kettle’s handle,
one direct from the burner..
and a couple of days back, get this..if this doesn’t trump all,
I actually lit myself on fire, my face to be exact.

Absentmindedly, lighting a cigarette, I leant
my hand against my forehead,and torched half an eyebrow away.
I knew something was on fire,it was the scent gave it away, not pain. I did not realize it was me..
I had to hit myself in the face to put myself out.
Jesus Christ.(jes’ vernacular…maybe)

Morphine’s deadly.
Deadly to the soul. The body may be intact, but there’s something wanting..

As I first begin to sense that there is a war afoot, that the air raid sirens way off in the distance in the dark were not a false alarm or mere elevator musak,..
I looked to the external.

I looked to my relational world..
my children,
one of my OCD ex husbands who will not put the weapons down, my lover…
but all is simply a mirror of me.

I have stopped kicking ass.
I have stopped hissing, spitting, biting and generally laying claim to the life that which is mine..
my voice,
my form,
my “self”.
The deep self is not to be found in identities surface or layered,
it is in laying the fuck claim to your own howl.
your own heart, carnal and in motion.
My environment is toxic. yes, I love my house..but houses are shells, cities and towns are shells when one is not awake to authenticity.
I am not here, quite simply. If I was my own houseplant I would have died by now from lack of water and sun.

Sometimes things are not stolen so much as we give them away. For free.
Next month I will be in new york with Lucifer, and if the days pass to that time, I will receive all the shakeup and soul food I can handle.
I will be a kitten , eyes wide as saucers at the sights and sounds, both of the city, and of us.

But in preparation, I am reclaiming me.
I feel like a glass butterfly, a monstrosity that..
I am breaking the glass.
This attrition by default, entirely of my own making will unravel.

But first, triage..and a trip to the corner store for afterburn ointment. Obviously I can’t have enough.
Musings, you can’t keep a cat down for long..

new release of poetry and prose collection, study on masochism coming!

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Soon to be available online for paypal download,  a new release of poetry,  prose and philosophy centered on an exploration of masochism.  Check back here and http://www.LuciferLazerus.com  for updates.

Its provocative!


Upcoming podcast and info on cyborg sexuality art series..

In D/s, Bdsm, Daily news update..art,writing, collaborations, upcoming events, Philosophy..sociological commentary on April 2, 2009 at 8:30 am

Soon to be on the website http://www.luciferlazerus.com, on my gallery page there, compliments of my partner, Lucifer..an audiocast version of my upcoming collection of some 30 poems , prose and commentary..The Psalm of the Masochist.

Re, the pic to the side..I did a series of pics exploring the relationship of the self and sexuality to the technological mediums that are morphing and merging with our experiences of the erotic.

I have written elsewhere that I do not believe that technology is conquering human sexuality so much as human sexuality is trumping technology, we are adapting it, rather than it adapting us.

I am going to be writing a series of commentaries on the cyborg self to complement the photos, some of which can be seen on http://www.deviantart.com under poecatt.

I was fascinated by the juxtaposition of the warmth of flesh and the expression of emotion thru the technologies of cam, phone, voice ect..the juxtaposition of metal and plastic and the distance experience with the realities of  an expanding view of what it is to be both erotic, and sexual …and in particular as this relates to D/s .

Wikopedia has stated under their definition of D/s that the number of relationships that are developing online has jumped prolifically within this community..there is much fodder for thought here, and I will be returning with several posts to this topic.

However, Wikopedia attributes the rise to the fact that the main elements at play in a D/s relationship are psychological and emotional..two arenas that can be as delved in thru these mediums as within the same physical space.

I am going to have alot of fun with the art for these pieces..stay tuned, and please offer up your thoughts and musings.

Just a dash, busy day. Check back for an expanded post tonight and over the weekend.

have a great one.


The new blog!

In Daily news update..art,writing, collaborations, upcoming events on March 13, 2009 at 11:22 am


I am still in the process of archiving and structuring this blog..transferring an extensive body  from my writings on what was my home blog on alt.com …and materials I have had on deviantart.com and fetlife.com.

Shaping up in my mind like a shuffling pack of cards the easiest way to make the information accessible to readers.

There’s a wealth of articles here …I will be archiving and nesting them in such a way that you can search by subject..

I hope to foster a place and space where you will be entertained, educated, and informed, and where you can share your own experiences and commentary in return.

Why do we keep blogs?

My blog on alt.com began as a small voice in the dark, smiling here, a way to self express, ,grew to include a wonderful community of like minded individuals, and became very well read and followed daily..

As a writer, my life is my writing, NOT my blogging, but the blogs are a signpost to other writings, and art.

Community is a beautiful thing to be a part of..I am looking forward to the new community connections that this blog home will foster..

I know that when mind engages mind, awesome things can follow..relationships, collaborations,  joint endeavors artistically, politically..

I have been part of online communities for well over a decade..and the friendships made have been enduring, the opportunities to enhance one’s art, one’s life perspectives..and to meet people one would otherwise have never had the joy of knowing..

rock on out there this Friday the 13th, and do drop a comment and say hello, let me know how I  might meet you..

Mind touching mind..a quantum joy …think about it!