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Second Sehkmet Release/ Vamp goth Bdsm novella/Lucifer Lazerus and Poecatt

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Sehkmet has been released again. The interlude to the opening trilogy..the poem Skyrape, set to visual artist Lucifer Lazerus’s artistic interpretation…

The poem Skyrape written by Poecatt  is a noir goth dreamscape inspired by conversations between artist and writer last autumn. Sprung whole from Poecatt’s musings on the darkly sanguine indulgences of vampiric lore, both historic and contemporary, and its edged marginal positioning as Bdsm fetish,

Skyrape became the genesis of a collaboration that continues to unfold in Sehkmet.

We bring you this second installment as a continuation of a treat, and welcome feedback as the style and presentation has altered, as promised.

Contact us thru http://www.luciferlazerus.com..

Available for  carniverous and enticing free viewing at http://www.luciferlazerus.com

Who is Sehkmet?

look back into the shadows cast by Skyrape…the scent of bloodletting

on someone’s tongue..



Sehkmet : The prologue.

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Sehkmet release coming. vamp goth bdsm art novella.Into D/s ? You will want to see this treat.

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Soon to be released. Sehkmet, a graphic novella, by visual artist Lucifer Lazerus, and literary poetic and prose writer, poecatt.
A delicious, arousing and disturbing exploration of the world of vampire goth merged with a bladed view of all things BDSM.
Set in the new millenia, addressing age old questions of good and evil, the nature of appetite, desire,  addiction and the contemporary craving to reach for immortality, this viral read will have you questioning your own appetites, and perhaps discovering new ones.

A footloose little submissive vampress turned Dommina when the Master’s away..havoc follows.  Much action, and blood on the tracks. Disturbed visuals.

Daring you to ride out a new compulsivity and as participatory readers, shape the outcome.

Stay tuned for an oncoming update..just stay off the track. A wreckloosed read, and treat for the eyes and soul,

from Lucifer and the cat.

For the Love of Orange, an illustrated collection of Erotic Prose Poetry now available for free pdf download.Visit my blog.

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This collaboration between visual artist Lucifer Lazerus…www.luciferlazerus.com, and poet poecatt, myself ,  is now available for free pdf download.  Email myself at poecatt@luciferlazerus.com or Lucifer.

The cover shown here is available with title poem embedded..see Lucifer’s site shoppe for more information..it makes a lovely Bdsm themed piece of wall art.

This sampler has been well received …

For links,  a taste of art, and information on both of us,  please visit http://www.luciferlazerus.com website.

There you will find author /artist information as well as  Lucifer’s blog on D/s and art,  his gallery, and shoppe.


More later on a much larger coming project on Masochism, and

an illustrated vamp goth Bdsm novella we are working on which pushes the edge visually and psychologically..

I look forward to my readers support, enjoy! and contact us.

Staking Out the attic, could be a horror tale in the making..

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So, tonight’s the night. I’m staking the attic.
yeah, after a couple of weeks now of listening to something drag itself around up there, something that appears to WALK, I’m going in.

I’m sufficiently amped on one too many amp energy drinks, I’m wearing my camoflage baseball cap, black leotards, hey this may require some weird martial arts moves, and I’m carrying a spray bottle of bleach for its eyes.
If it has eyes.

I’m strung as hell from wrestling with my comp programs for two days in trying to complete a manuscript, and at the moment I am looking like a great before picture for the Betty Ford rehab center. Or is it the Barbara Bush rehab.

I’m not up on my americanisms you know, I’m not even up on my canadianisms. I don’t watch tv, and when you land here on the tarmac, they burst into applause that the plane did indeed make it yet again, and you know you are somewhere..um..different.
Think the movie, The Wicker Man. Original version’s best.

I hear there is the usual uproar here in the virtual blog bog.
I must confess I am too challenged to figure out who’s who in these things.

If I catch it,(the thing in my attic) not whoever is busting everyone for terms of service, I’m gonna stab it.
Who me?
Living on the edge? frustrated as fuck?

No, I have the whole situation under control. hahahaha.


Masomessing lyrics.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMpwcyWq7TIA very cool tune. Paste the link in your browser and go watch.

A favorite tune of mine, numb, by Holly Mcnarland.