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On Naked blogging.

In D/s, Bdsm on May 3, 2009 at 1:27 pm

No, I am not speaking of blogging in the nude, although, I am sure that even as I write this there is a new fetish group forming somewhere .

I’m thinking about how NAKED the act of blogging is..

there you are , often in all your madhouse glory, giddy moments exposed, idiotic inane moral outrages for all to see..

inviting others into the ramble jam of your mind.

Some minds are pure marmalade.

Delightful, entertaining, arousing, provocative..

In the culture of the blog, tho we run the risk of becoming redundant to our virtual selves…

You can dig and dive for what we call fact or truth in other’s blogs..but the blogs I enjoy most touch these places, they do not stand in for them.

Those sorts of bloggers, blogging nakedly are more about revealing the rainbow than what we in this relevation hungry society pass for fact.

See my colors, discern them.

But do not think you KNOW me..

We are fluid , in process, behind all these portals is flesh and blood striving for air and hurtling towards death.

What a madhouse of mirrors the art of blogging is.

Narcissism flagellating itself to a bloody pulp of fiction and some version of reality.

Enjoy, taste, bite..be moved, move..

but never lose sight that the whole is greater than the sums..

a naked blogger, I..was it good for you?

it was good for me.

Now if I could just find my clothes and get out of here,




What is so Primal about offering one’s Throat? A question for those who are drawn to D/s.

In D/s, Bdsm on April 22, 2009 at 12:24 am

Have you ever watched a larger animal rip the throat out of a smaller one?

We’re all still a food chain , in our primal instincts , whether we admit it or not.

In D/s  there is

scening, boundaries, safe words, a coda

as to this instinct.

Offer your throat in submission, and you stand to go the way of the sparrow at the mouth of the terrier.

Each is following its primal nature.

And so, heart is essential. If we are to play at primal games, and open the door to depth psychologies, to face the beast that is the thing between the two..then  trust becomes the blood that runs over the naked breasts and splashes down the palms.

When we allow the Dominant one an artery to our core, when we show this,

there must needs be a mutual blood bonding….

The blood will wash the two clean, and warm the skin of what has been created together . Blood, tears, sweat, semen, cum, breath. Primal offerings.

This requires courage on the part of the predator and the prey.

And honor for the dance.  The throat is the part of the body that is collared and this is rife with symbolism. Perhaps whether a war cry or a in breath of grief, the throat,  is to me , the place I meet my lover. The place where flesh meets metaphor meets heaven and hell.



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Humiliation play.

In D/s, Bdsm on April 16, 2009 at 10:33 pm

What is it about humiliation play that is so compelling to some and so disturbing to others?

This is one arena of so called “play” that is so highly erotically charged and so individual.

Humiliation play has the power to tear apart an individual or a D/s relationship..or lift to an irony of ecstasy.

It is one arena that is surely learning by trial and error and requires so much in trust and in shared respect.

Certainly, the submissive must feel respected and often loved if such play is to be engaged in.

I hunger for it, and I am trying to see what it is about it that turns me on erotically, because outside of the erotic context, or the confines of a longterm D/s relationship where I  feel secure and valued,  it has no appeal.

The ways of humiliation are quantum.

Spanking can be humiliating, watersports can be humiliating, cuckolding can be humiliating, verbal cues..

We all have different tastes and limits in this kind of play. Some sadists love it as part of their arts, others shy away from the symbolic power.

It is the symbolic power that points to the erotic power..the art of being mastered by another, of being compelled against ones natural instincts to self..

This is why a strong sense of self is integral for the submissive partner in this sort of play, and a strong attunement for limits in the Master or sadist.

It is a mindfuk..and as such is not play for the weak of  self.

To engage in the act of being broken of self, and yet resurrected whole.

Cathartic , when corsetted by love, respect, sharing, trust.

Just some thoughts from the cat