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Me or We..Have we become a culture of Uber narcissm?

In 1, Philosophy..sociological commentary on May 14, 2009 at 9:34 pm

I’m musing this eve on narcissism and its colonization of western cultural values. I’m thinking about the whole on line proliferation of easy access to self promotion and its fracturing of the self.

Identity has become fluid, coursing thru the bits and bytes, spawning multi representations of moments along our own personal timelines, thru photoblogging, self confession, self expression…

… given unbelievable latitude and longitude..
( ha! think cock pics)

In the lifetime of the average blogger here, the majority between 30 and early 50’s..technology has created a world wherein we have become our own front page headline, our own press and paparazzi, capable of extending our virtual viral vibes into the eyes and minds of a multitude, our reach, global.

The scale boggles the mind, if we stop to think about it.
But given the intimate settings from which many of us write, our own dens, living rooms, bedrooms, ect, do many of us really STOP to think about it?

I think perhaps we have become more cynical and jaded as a result, more isolated in our social contact, if we define social time as time spent offline, face to face, flesh to flesh.
Many people spend their working hours in office cubicles or oout tof the home, and then their spare time surfing..

We have developed new skill sets to deal with cyber intimacy, whether it be friendships with those of like affinities, or
lovers….we have sharpened our abilities to write of self as object,as our lives as quasi fiction..magical realism genre..as ourselves as brands.

Are we narcissists as per the old definition? Consumed by self?
Or is that definition somehow wanting, is there some new take, that perhaps sees liberation and the good in the democratizing of free speech, the democratizing of business, the extension of potential and reach beyond narrowly defined geographical and financial boundaries?

I’m not knocking the web, I am all over it, but at what point is it all over me?

I have always spoke to collective social values.
We built a nation on it here in Canada..we tend to the collaborative rather than the competitive, this however is rapidly altering.

I myself, remain collaborative in approach, reclusive though I may be at times, and solicitious of my own privacy in ways that may not be readily visible.

I spoke to Lucifer of my thoughts on this, and he had some interesting points to make which continue to flesh out this bird’s eye view of the topic..

The net is perhaps not unlike the splitting of the atom, can be used for unimaginable good and evil..neutral in itself if you take a post modern approach. Have we become as mini gods, fallen headlong into our own ever elusive images to the detriment of our worlds, or have they exploded expotentially?



This is not a new pattern that is emerging or has emerged, we're, an 
intelligent race, have been broadcasting our selves long before Ben
Franklin printed a news paper.  However started with Ben Franklin as an
official form of public media, not everyone had access to a press, nor
Franklin, to advertise their services, wares or offers, but as ingenuity
in humankind progressed the print form of media began to grow, and
provide access to those people who had something to sell, share or talk
about...including themselves.

The marketing of self is as old as history can record, there has always
been a hawker, yelling to sharpen your blade, or shoe your horse.  Sign
makers were told what the sign should say about Mary the seamstress and
this has not changed no matter how we evolve, what has changed is that
technology allows more access for the same behaviors...and reaches more

 From the print media to the radio, from the radio to the television.
Television expanding as megahertz grew and communications grew, along
with the cheapening of costs to make these marvels of modern technology,
so it comes to pass that the oldest of gratuitous marketing behaviors
became more and more creative, more and more revealing and more and more

The net is only the next step in this typical human pattern of sell,
sell, sell...and it isn't only capitalism, it is selling one's life for
the shear joy of being able to obtain attention, it is the selling of
ideas and beliefs but it is no different when Franklin started printing
the first Philadelphia Newspaper some 200 years ago, and the reality to
that is, we as a species have always found a way long before Franklin to
market what ever it is we had to say.

Is it all a genetically predisposed narcissisim?  Not by definition, but
who doesn't enjoy some type of positive attention?  We will evolve
further in technology, to a point where maybe we will no longer need to
leave our homes to attain physical gratification, just slip on the cyber
suit and get laid from translation of data.  Maybe we will have the
replication devices that make food from atoms, like in Star Trek, there
is no telling what the future will bring, but to believe that the
internet has proliferated this behavior is a mistake...we have been
doing it since man scrawled on a cave wall...

Musings from Lucifer and the cat


The Power of the Photo/self expression

In D/s, Bdsm, Philosophy..sociological commentary on March 13, 2009 at 12:02 pm

Good Morning All! Going to muse a little today on the power of the photo. I love photography. I am somewhat of a novice but am learning rapidly.
I beleive that everyone can take a beautiful photo. An oft heard phrase from people is ..Oh I don’t photo well.

Not so. It is within the one who weilds the camera to bring out your individulaity, your gifts.

I was photographing a friend last eve at her request.She is shy, her self esteem needs boosting and she does not know what is inside of her.

I told her ..I know lighting, angles, persona play, and the power of context. If we are to capture your beauty..I must be in charge. We had a wonderful time, the pictures shocked her..is that truly me she said..wow, and I was given the gratification of showing her her own inner beauty.

Later last night I was thinking..is not that what a highly intuitive and skilled dom/ domme does with a willing sub?

First inspires trust..often involving humor, and then pushes, provokes, positions and reveals?
What you sensed in your sub was already there?

For me doing this with a camera and watching peoples joy in the outcome, is very satisfying and emotional. A high. To watch people open, feel better about themselves,glimpse what they did not know showed to one with the eyes to see.

Surely this must be so for the dom/ domme as well.
have a great day…. Cat

Marketing of the self in Personal ads online

In D/s, Bdsm, Philosophy..sociological commentary on March 13, 2009 at 11:58 am
Good morning, all.
I feel like exclaiming enthusiastically…”Good morning Vietnam”.

I’d like to talk a bit about the marketing of the “self”. As a newbie both to this site, and this world…and this playground being rife as I have commented in a an email with “wanna be poets, cock clutching pragmatists and the irredeemable…” o, excuse the sexism..could be cunt clutching pragmatists..lol,
sensing who’s who so that you do not become dinner is like being in this wonderful , slightly exotic old bookstore,you take various books down off the shelf..take note of the cover..its texture and images, open it , and browse thru noting tone, and dominant themes.

If the language and obvious skill of the author call to you, if a line or a paragraph or a metaphor moves you , you may just take it to the counter and bring it home, because you feel drawn to read more, you sense a pleasurable experience for your minds appetite in your hand.

We market ourselves here in similar fashion.
We shape the presentation of self thru our imagery, our tone, our formality, or lack thereof, we advertise and suggest a certain outcome.

Well the book I am writing is not finished.
You, could figure largely in it reader, who knows?
At this point of contact ..this cyber world, one could say the genre is to a great extent, magic realism…
Smoke, mirrors, and slight of hand ARE afoot here in the funhouse. Would you want it any different when you pay the price of admission?

Play safe.Use all your senses.Stick your tail in the wind and note which way the wind is blowing..
Patience is a virtue. So the experienced dom/ dommes and subs I have spoken with keep counseling me. Expose yourself reckessly and you are certain to discover somewhat unpleasantly where you are on the food chain.

Take the book down from the shelf.Take the time to browse it before you buy.

Attend to how you “market” yourself.
What is it you really want to say, and ask yourself..if my intended audience were reading this what would they be likely to think?
Who is it with the way that I have chosen to present myself that I really hope to draw? The masses or the one?
Verbose over coffee as always, thump me on the head time, laughing,