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To see the Words dance, the body speak..

In My journal, On Art/writing/creativity on May 15, 2009 at 10:10 am

Listening to William Orbit and Beth Orton’s Dice this morning, an oceanic remix, trance, it’s beautiful how it waves like the swell of a roller at sea.

I’m feeling some poignancy,  an ache,  excitement about the day …but struggling to focus crisply and with clarity on the manuscript on masochism as a way of life, a life aesthetic, that is completed, but that I am organizing and pulling together..

I am so excited about this manuscript, it was an odd project, it did not begin with intent, I realized it had cohesion as a work after a year’s worth of musings were pulled together and in the hand.

I write on napkins, yellow lined paper pads, lipstick on the mirror,  hell  on my body if this is the only place to jot a fragment of poetry, a phrase.

Metaphor is everywhere for the tongue, the eyes, the heart.

I have longed to do some performance art for a few years now, my writing in prose poetiks is for my mouth and for your ear, it is begging to release itself thru my body as text and multimedia.

Story telling, the art of, is shamanistic..and my body must speak..static photos do not feed my urge to bring motion to sound.

A leap, but one I am ready for, and I  am eager to connect with other performance artists for idea exchange, mentoring..

Art leaks, bleeds,  it is my native vernacular…

Talk to me. contact me at poecatt@luciferlazerus.com


25 random bits and bites about me. Musing

In D/s, Bdsm, My journal on March 16, 2009 at 11:00 am

1.My favorite color is orange.Not to wear, but to experience.When I wear orange I look like a bad acid trip..orange on orange.Overkill.

2.I’m a big believer in supporting micro local enterprises..like the two local breweries here..gawd,I need to think about what I just wrote..

3.My favorite flowers are poppies, they bloom so briefly, but like the sunflower there is something achingly awkward in their big blousy heads and unabandoned splashiness..

4. My favorite mode of travel is the ferry. When I lived west coast canada, island hopping thrilled me with its ease and the water is magical, no matter the moods of the weather..

5. I don’t watch tv ever.Never did.I find it an assaultive medium.This does put me at a certain cultural disadvantage but o well..

6. I prefer those big thick bowl like coffee mugs.I don’t do the dainty ones.Red bull is good in these big mugs..

7. I am an uber-caffeine addict. see#6.

8.My first husband was 17 years my senior. And no, it wasn’t a daddy fantasy..at 63 he remains a permanent peter pan.

9.The author who influenced my writing the most was Michael Ondaatje.I cried over the beauty of the prose in “The Skin of the Lion.” I aspire to his quality of prose poetics.

10.The genre I like the least is self help. I refuse to make these people with their pop -isms and simplistic soapboxing one penny richer.

11.I have successfully murdered every houseplant I have ever owned.I feel badly about this..

12.My children however are, miraculously, flourishing..

13.One of my many cats committed what I consider suicide by throwing herself under the wheels of an almost stalled dumptruck..I took it personally.

14.I am invariably hauled over by security when I fly. I think I mentioned this somewhere..if you have a theory as to why, I really would love to know..

15. I have never cheated in a relationship since my very first serious one with a fellow college student at 19.However when I am solo, I can be rediculously impulsive.

16. I spent one summer reading the Desert Fathers of the 4th century. I ate, dreamt and breathed the stuff..if you know of these uber mystical masochists, it explains alot..

17.I break or lose my reading glasses every month.I feel absolutely vulnerable without them. The pharmacy where I regularly purchase them smirk when they see me coming.ca ching. sigh.

18.I don’t have a sweet tooth. I prefer tart, sour, hot.

19. I love, love love, dancing.All my exes tell me I try aggressively to lead when waltzing.I am working on this.

20.I really hope they find a way to prevent Altzeimers.
It really breaks my heart.

21. I hope when the time is right to own my own bassethound one day.

22. I believe laughter is the deepest bond between any two people whether friends, lovers, or strangers.

23.I am grammatically challenged..yeah, I know you know..

24.My favorite cuisine is thai.

25. No there were no sex bits in here, I am not in the mood..sometimes, I’m not..

your turn..go for it..cat.

The Power of the Photo/self expression

In D/s, Bdsm, Philosophy..sociological commentary on March 13, 2009 at 12:02 pm

Good Morning All! Going to muse a little today on the power of the photo. I love photography. I am somewhat of a novice but am learning rapidly.
I beleive that everyone can take a beautiful photo. An oft heard phrase from people is ..Oh I don’t photo well.

Not so. It is within the one who weilds the camera to bring out your individulaity, your gifts.

I was photographing a friend last eve at her request.She is shy, her self esteem needs boosting and she does not know what is inside of her.

I told her ..I know lighting, angles, persona play, and the power of context. If we are to capture your beauty..I must be in charge. We had a wonderful time, the pictures shocked her..is that truly me she said..wow, and I was given the gratification of showing her her own inner beauty.

Later last night I was thinking..is not that what a highly intuitive and skilled dom/ domme does with a willing sub?

First inspires trust..often involving humor, and then pushes, provokes, positions and reveals?
What you sensed in your sub was already there?

For me doing this with a camera and watching peoples joy in the outcome, is very satisfying and emotional. A high. To watch people open, feel better about themselves,glimpse what they did not know showed to one with the eyes to see.

Surely this must be so for the dom/ domme as well.
have a great day…. Cat

Marketing of the self in Personal ads online

In D/s, Bdsm, Philosophy..sociological commentary on March 13, 2009 at 11:58 am
Good morning, all.
I feel like exclaiming enthusiastically…”Good morning Vietnam”.

I’d like to talk a bit about the marketing of the “self”. As a newbie both to this site, and this world…and this playground being rife as I have commented in a an email with “wanna be poets, cock clutching pragmatists and the irredeemable…” o, excuse the sexism..could be cunt clutching pragmatists..lol,
sensing who’s who so that you do not become dinner is like being in this wonderful , slightly exotic old bookstore,you take various books down off the shelf..take note of the cover..its texture and images, open it , and browse thru noting tone, and dominant themes.

If the language and obvious skill of the author call to you, if a line or a paragraph or a metaphor moves you , you may just take it to the counter and bring it home, because you feel drawn to read more, you sense a pleasurable experience for your minds appetite in your hand.

We market ourselves here in similar fashion.
We shape the presentation of self thru our imagery, our tone, our formality, or lack thereof, we advertise and suggest a certain outcome.

Well the book I am writing is not finished.
You, could figure largely in it reader, who knows?
At this point of contact ..this cyber world, one could say the genre is to a great extent, magic realism…
Smoke, mirrors, and slight of hand ARE afoot here in the funhouse. Would you want it any different when you pay the price of admission?

Play safe.Use all your senses.Stick your tail in the wind and note which way the wind is blowing..
Patience is a virtue. So the experienced dom/ dommes and subs I have spoken with keep counseling me. Expose yourself reckessly and you are certain to discover somewhat unpleasantly where you are on the food chain.

Take the book down from the shelf.Take the time to browse it before you buy.

Attend to how you “market” yourself.
What is it you really want to say, and ask yourself..if my intended audience were reading this what would they be likely to think?
Who is it with the way that I have chosen to present myself that I really hope to draw? The masses or the one?
Verbose over coffee as always, thump me on the head time, laughing,