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Second Sehkmet Release/ Vamp goth Bdsm novella/Lucifer Lazerus and Poecatt

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Sehkmet has been released again. The interlude to the opening trilogy..the poem Skyrape, set to visual artist Lucifer Lazerus’s artistic interpretation…

The poem Skyrape written by Poecatt  is a noir goth dreamscape inspired by conversations between artist and writer last autumn. Sprung whole from Poecatt’s musings on the darkly sanguine indulgences of vampiric lore, both historic and contemporary, and its edged marginal positioning as Bdsm fetish,

Skyrape became the genesis of a collaboration that continues to unfold in Sehkmet.

We bring you this second installment as a continuation of a treat, and welcome feedback as the style and presentation has altered, as promised.

Contact us thru http://www.luciferlazerus.com..

Available for  carniverous and enticing free viewing at http://www.luciferlazerus.com

Who is Sehkmet?

look back into the shadows cast by Skyrape…the scent of bloodletting

on someone’s tongue..



The radical power of D/s and S/m as threat to commodification of the sexual self.

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How can one possibly write briefly about Bdsm and the plethora of arts, symbolism, rich history and eros that it evokes?

At a certain point words simply fail. Despite the physicality of much of the sadomasochistic arts for example, these acts remain profoundly psychological..that is the desire to engage finds its genesis in the body/mind/soul self..

S/m IS an art form. D/s is IS intimately relational and pyscho/emotional.

The mind is theatre, Bdsm is theatre and those of us who taste and become more than here on a seasonal pass..have a capacity for imagination and a desire to have that capacity fed in ways perhaps others lack..

Some of us are adrenalin junkies, some of us find deep nurture in this world, some of us have a penchant for outside the box self expression, a driving need to convey to others and to mirror to self the originality that arises from our cores..

Many of us approach this theatre from all these angles.

Whatever our original portal into this world was..whether whispers of persuasions and tastes in childhood or discoveries thru involvments as adults..discoveries of something wanting in our relationships or discoveries of deep satisfactions previously unknown, Once awakened, it becomes a journey of self as unique, of self as social being, of mores and values, and choice and appetite.

Our appetites change as we evolve, and our appetites change with age.

In midlife, there seems a stopping point, a transition for many, a reawakening of the sexual identity questions that first emerged in adolescence, typically..

and the world of Bdsm spreads before us, expotentially increasing our capacities to find nuance and art form in the expression of our erotic selves beyond the normative vanilla scripting.

Why do so many keep what is essentially a photo journal here?

We could claim narcsissm, or exhibitionism as defined by current sociomedical techofuks, but I think something else is at play …

We live in a culture soaked in sexual imagery as commodity..sex as a means to sell..something else, product X or product Y.

It is NOT expression of sexuality for its own erotic sake…

We are surrounded by sex, and yet, we are a curiously desexualized culture, irony there, the true longing, that to express our sexual selves simply for the joy and pleasures, dark and light of such expression untied to commodification is a radical act, an act of taking back our eros as unfettered, free and innately OURS.

True eros IS untameable, and like art rather than science, it is messy, capricious, unpredictable, and dangerous.

It contains the mysteries of birth, death, liminal passageways, initiations, rites, esoteric mastery.

D/s and S/m’s powerful and haunting pull are hard to explain to the uniniated or unawakened..perhaps those that make it here to this world and take up residence have a deeper need to dream while awake, the stuff of nightmares AND rapture, the transformational..

Perhaps from the outside we are shunned as evil or outcasts because it is so powerful opening Pandora’s box, and like all that is innately spiritual and radical there have always been those who would seek to contain and control the mystical..

Simply because you cannot OWN mystical experience, you cannot force it, it is power spitting in so called power’s face..

Just some thoughts from the cat. Have a great day..thoughts back on this musing?

I'd love for you to engage me with YOUR ideas on this..

Sehkmet : The prologue.

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The Hunger

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I want to blog tonight about the Hunger. The hunger’s an interesting thing…its larger than fucklust…it’s domain an entire cosmos.We all feel it to some degree,some of us more the so than others. It’s an assumption tho not entirely apt that if one is on a kink site it is because one feels the movements of the hunger in its true genesis..the appetites of the mind.

I’ve been cursed as a wildchild of the Hunger since birth.
I’ve sought (it can be a cruel taskmaster) to satiate it over a lifetime. In my youth I thought fuckin would lay the beast to rest but I learned this was not so…

I recall a lover in my twenties looking at me with a weird expression post coitus once, and saying slowly…fuckin you is not fuckin , babi..its like..annihilation.

Somewhere in what he mouthed was a key to the brand that has burned my ass down thru my journey. The Hunger’s a life sentence and I’m a Lifer within its velvet walls.

If the Hunger is not soothed by fuckin, what is it soothed by? I can only speak here for myself. I am drawn to the tale of Eros and Pysche…Eros being the greek god of longing and desire and Pysche being the human that fell in love with him.She stands for Mind and/or Soul. In some versions of the tale, they had a daughter whose name connotes…Pleasure.

I won’t go into the full tale here, but Pysche has been forbidden to shine her lamp upon her betrothed (he presents as beast). In a failure of faith and overcome with curiousity she does, and has a fleeting glimpse of his arresting beauty before he flees, leaving her grief stricken and searching the ends of the earth for her beloved.

The marriage of Eros and Psyche is a signpost to the Hunger, that which is larger than carnal and in its consumation we sense Heart. Heart’s latin roots are to be found in couer..for courage.

The Hunger has many manifestations, and it demands of us Heart. This earth ride is not for the weak of will.Some of us have had the luxury of becoming complacent..I don’t know but complacency is a luxury that has never set up residence in my body. I cannot brag..it is the way it has been, the cards I have been dealt.

Tonight I feel the Hunger…and I am old enough to know now it will never be satisfied and this is a Good thing because it gives me an appetite that keeps me curious, edged and alive.

Longing, desire, soul, and mind. From these Pleasure.

I lace up my sneakers, yeah, I’m restless and I go down to the asphalt and out into the night.
A car starts up beside me and even the sound of its engine is erotic, its red taillights smearing the dark air.

I surrender. I’m Hunger’s Wild Child. And you know what?

THAT is good enough for me…

ON the cycles of Carnality, women and the month.

In D/s, Bdsm on May 8, 2009 at 10:34 am

Carnality is a curve.  On the subject of appetite, I have taken note that it ebbs and flows in females..

that what we call desire, emotionally, spiritually, physically is complexly interwoven , and that our own biochemistries, the biosphere that we intimately live in our own flesh, blood, and breath is influenced cyclically by the cycles of the month ..

I am absolutely feral in the mid month phase of my cycle, it is then that my violence fetish is bladed and aggressive in feel, towards the end of my cycle the energy is less feral, more muted, mixed with emotion, and I am very susceptible to trance at this time..

Mid month finds me rooftoppin, full on  howl, bring it on, a week later and I am more emotive, in want of being fed, nurtured rather than the excitement of combat stance…

I wonder what others have noticed in  these sometimes jagged peaks and valleys or their partners have noted ..solo or in relation one can become incredibly attuned to the various energies..that we all have..

I see the same cycle in men, however it is less jagged, less of a trapeze act, more consistent. Still, I have read they follow a roughly 28 day cycle as well..

Do men really think of sex every seven seconds.?  I don’t know how I could function that way..I’d consider it handicapping, but I guess you adapt.

I remain infinitely influenceable tho,  if I WANT to be cued..smiling.

And the more one immerses oneself in an awareness of the sometimes subtle and not so subtle energies they give out and take in, the more one sees the erotic as a wide rather than narrow river.


Sehkmet release coming. vamp goth bdsm art novella.Into D/s ? You will want to see this treat.

In D/s, Bdsm, Daily news update..art,writing, collaborations, upcoming events, goth culture on May 3, 2009 at 8:29 pm

Soon to be released. Sehkmet, a graphic novella, by visual artist Lucifer Lazerus, and literary poetic and prose writer, poecatt.
A delicious, arousing and disturbing exploration of the world of vampire goth merged with a bladed view of all things BDSM.
Set in the new millenia, addressing age old questions of good and evil, the nature of appetite, desire,  addiction and the contemporary craving to reach for immortality, this viral read will have you questioning your own appetites, and perhaps discovering new ones.

A footloose little submissive vampress turned Dommina when the Master’s away..havoc follows.  Much action, and blood on the tracks. Disturbed visuals.

Daring you to ride out a new compulsivity and as participatory readers, shape the outcome.

Stay tuned for an oncoming update..just stay off the track. A wreckloosed read, and treat for the eyes and soul,

from Lucifer and the cat.

And the Eagle flies with the dove..

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And what will bring you down …the Eagle or the Dove/

your appetite for power and the clarity of the black wing and golden beak


your affinity for love in all its alabaster aesthetic compulsivities?

The Eagle and the Dove fly high, and bolt low..

one cannot touch the wings of one without feeling the pull of the other..

drumskin, heartbeat, talon..

adrenalin and peace..

The Eagle and the Dove live inside all of us..

in D/s and its bodily incarnations we touch the paradox of both..

some thoughts from the cat. Morning.

Discussing the roots of fore and after scening/where do you find comfort and celebtation/some thoughts from Lucifer and cat.

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We are always discussing the “Trauma” that one may have endured as a child that leads them down a path to this culture.  D/s, S&M, B&D and all sorts of other fetishes that are somehow connected to a childhood trauma or loss or some other “negative” that can be attributed to our adult behavior.

There is a relational aspect to certain parts o

In My case I ponder the little nuances of what might be occurring in the scene, before the scene or after the scene…what may be occurring as part of the relationship or even as part of being play partners.

Does one party play classical music in the background of a scene, almost automatically?  If they pondered this ritual would they find that their mother or father put on Chopin to calm a wild bunch of children?  Or maybe the simple soft light of a dozen candles sets the mood, but after further introspection does one find that there might be childhood memories of their parents spending many a happy night by candle light, bringing calm and comfort to the home.

Maybe a ritual that has been part of a person’s life regardless of the relationship or the scene, done without thought, brings a climatic end to the climax, because it brings happiness to one of the party.

For example, I have always had, bacon, two eggs over easy, hash browns and toast after any sex or scene as part of a ritual which is now a habit…where did this come from?  After much thought, I realized that as a child we did not have bacon and hash browns in our house at all, no one made or bought the hash browns and bacon was out, but when we went out to eat, especially breakfast, this was my order…

It was a treat, a treat that brought with it happiness…so looking at the connection as an adult to the end of good sex or a good scene, it is like the cherry on top of the sundae…it brings the final dose of happiness to the scene.

There is much positive in D/s and we often focus  on the terrible or harsh things that drive us….sexual abuse, sexual pressure, sexual repression, rape, incest, and a whole slew of negatively charged hyperbole, looking to explain why one enjoys being hurt or dominated.  It is a rare moment that we actually see the quieter aspects of this culture brought forth into the public eye.


What we call “scening ” in this subculture, evokes the theatrical, the cirque du soleil of “eros” that is this “alternative” ,and for core players, in depth exploration of desire outside of the socially constructed norms of acceptible sexual expression…rife with ritual and esoteric value.

This takes place between individuals who bring not only (sometimes) a historical understanding of what this subculture means, but a personal unique history of the erotic as it pertains to self.

Self and culture are constructs that meet and merge.
For those on the outside of the culture, and indeed, many on the inside, there is often a search for explanation in the roots of pathology..childhood trauma.

However, it is far more complex than this..what drives someone to embrace identity as Dominant or submissive, sadomasochist, sadist, or masochist…

Pleasure and pain are at once symbolic and literal, iniations, repetitive, that derive in part from both social and individual contexts.

As regards pleasure and comfort, the release of dopamine, and the feelings of sanctuary, or being at home within oneself or with another..it is not solely the feral acts that carve themselves into fetishes, it is the fore-scening and after scening rituals, some well known, such as presentation, methods of addressing one another, ect, some highly idiosyncratic, and practiced between the two that share, explore and commit to them.

Acts that serve to heighten the anticipation, and acts that serve to de-escalate and bring any particular “scene” to an end.

Call it bracketing. It is just as important, it is all part of ritual, this is a culture embedded in ritual, like religion..perhaps it is a religion of sorts..

With its own theology, litanies, sacramental symbols, and promise of salvation.

In discussing this with Lucifer, I realized that there are rituals that bracket the act of scening, that derive from non trauma, that derive from pleasurable memories, both childhood and later..

and that these rituals and rites, the laying out of clothing, the use of scent, the preparation of one’s body or the body of of the beloved, …the desire to be blanketed and perhaps bound as a sub when leaving the endorphin high of subspace, the Dominant’s needs for music, or desire (often a high), I have observed in Dominants for music or activity, or meditative quiet..

can be traced back thru time on occasion to those very things that gave us comfort as a child…warmth, space, security…

I have a enjoyment in the preparation of my body for a scene, adornment, attention to aesthetic and mood.

I have a need to be bound or held after a scene, to be able to navigate as would a shaky sleepy child at bedtime, comforted, and then to sleep. ( a good childhood memory of mine as a small girl)

But then I am a submissive.

I cannot speak for Dominants, what I have observed is a feeling of satiation they have in terms of accomplishment, and a drive to express that thru some personal focused activity, or “flow’ outlet. Celebration in eggs over easy and hashbrowns. Smiling …

For me, some of what constitutes ‘fore-scening’ and “after-scening” ritual absolutely in part derives from the things that gave me both a push into the unknown as a small child, but with a trusted parent behind me, and the wind- down ritual at night, where I was assured all was right and safe in my little world…

Not all that we do in Bdsm and D/s is feral..much of it is a drive for human connection, acceptance, and intimacy…and the ways to get there…this bracketing of a scene..are as unique as the people participating.

It is interesting to engage in an exploration of what your own personal rituals of comfort and celebration are..and rewarding to share what you discover with the partners you dive with.

“Whether in or out of a scene, we are creatures of routine as well as change. What are some of your core comfort rituals and habits and where do they come from?”


Lucifer and cat.

Dream Thieves.

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i Woke from a dream and in it i was Begging you to have Sex with me on cam bc, as i
said in My dream we’d already had sex in person, in R/t ,and tho i had Experienced you in every other way ,i had not visually,it was one of those post/sleep chaotic Moments when it All merges, the Tails of Many things, and i was searchin, searchin….

not onli bc i was NOT certain we had had R/t sex but also bc you looked like Someone else in My dream,but you/were/not/Him, you/were/You ,and i felt Something Significant had Happened,but i was Not Sure What, and then i Rose and went to My door, and it was Wide Open and i KNEW it HAD been left Shut, and i Thought was Someone here while I slept? Have i been the victim of a

and then i went to my deck and Looked out across the Water, and there was a rainbow Strung across the Metallic evening Skies, and the Trees were Shivering The Way They do when a Storm is coming…

and i re/Called your Voice, and i re/Membered You, it was so Very Very Late, Long Past Coherence, there Was no sex,no subspace, just this and onli this, Your voice, Orpheus Descending,dreaming me Down,Down into inchoate layers, Lost, interpretative Dance,Open to Any and All Meanings i Might assign This,

inDelibly Scrawled,Forever Archived,You,you,you…

and i WANTED to Call Somebody Somewhere and Report a
but The Crime remains Undefined, and the
Perpetrator has noface/1000 faces…

i heard the faintest LullaBye thats What
I heard,
Hush, hush, Babe,
but there Was No Singer standing
Over me….

Just 5 a.m Dialtone and
white Noise.


Laughing in the Rain..merciful sky.

In D/s, Bdsm on April 23, 2009 at 9:13 pm

It rained today,  softened the earth,

moist loosening, rivulets

and it came to me

that i am like the rain

falling downwards seeking  impact

seeking something hard to bring up against

the streaming of my body self,

seeking asphalt, hard and dark,

parking lots are the same the world over at dusk

in the rain

seeking the reception of loam and field

the slip of the green leaf slidin

the   teal  seas…

wrecked rooftoppin,drainpipin

dampish feathers, cat and dog fur

and to run across Your hands

Your face. like water.

My sky cries Mercy. please.

laughing under the rain, rain, rain,