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Get hot, get hard, get uneasy, get fuked up..Vamp goth Bdsm visual novella release May 16th..this coming Saturday

In D/s, Bdsm on May 12, 2009 at 10:00 am

The story of Sehkmet has been a delicious, dark, and somewhat unhinged collaboration between myself and visual artist Lucifer Lazerus. It has been flowing out of the noir back regions of my mind, a body and soul experience, stretching the limits of imagination and dream.

I have found myself at times, wondering where the genesis of this material lies within me..it has been as if it is a story I have always known but did not know. Deja vu.

I have laughed and bit my tongue while stretching the limits of the play of the gothic, and bit my tongue while waiting for Lucifer’s outrageous art..the taste of blood, mine.

Sehkmet struggles with her own identity, as do many of us..she embraces the ecstatic surrender of others in their death throes as does a modern day junkie, addicted to a twin rapture, power and the thin red line.

Blood is a resurrected frontier, a metaphor for uber longings.

In Sehkmet we see power given, power taken, and the price of being embodied.

What will happen to our foot loose vampress? Will she be stopped in her reign of havoc?

Can she stop herself?

The power of the church, the power of the state, the underground of BDSM, and where it all meets and implodes, is all here..

The Master is not without angst, he may be forced to make a choice between love and the clan, between the uneasy truces and concessions to the mortal expression of power and the nature of his own.

Writing is the act of bringing the unimaginable to your imagination..the visuals explode this expotentially..come meet the cast of characters, the aging cardinal, the naive vengeance seeker, the jaded cop with a compulsion to end a lifetime’s search..

Come, taste Sehkmet, she waits to taste you…

get hot, get hard, get uneasy, get fucked up ..be fed.


Saturday may 16th release, there for your morning read..available first installment as free pdf. download at http://www.LuciferLazerus.com

and for online viewing here at http://www.poecatt.wordpress.com