Why do I call myself a sadomasochist?

In D/s, Bdsm on April 17, 2009 at 4:58 pm

Why do I call myself a sadomasochist?

Perhaps because I  have a huge sadean sensibility..perhaps I have learned in this culture to objective myself as a female, and although I am a flaming masochist…I can easily fantasize new acts of sadism towards myself.

Letting down the walls of possibility, the opaque mind reveals new possibilities for sensation..auditory, kinesthetic, scent, tactile, visual.

I am a sensualist and a hard core maso. Power exchange excites me, however I view myself as strong, not weak.

I see myself as the dancer to the sadean choreography, in tandem expressing thru my response a virtual feast for my Dominant.

Most Sadeans I have known, and I distinguish them from garden variety sadists by this : have a keen appreciation for nuance and enjoy and are empowered by artfully orchestrating a plethora of responses emotionally and physically in their masochistic partner.

S/m is but one aspect of power exchange but sadists and masdochists can master their respective arts by exercizing their gifts of imagination.

The more psychological the play, the more aeesthtic senses it appeals to., the more it resembles a virtuoso as opposed to a country done em wrong tune.

study your art, whether it be of the sadean variety that you deliver, or the masochistic..there is much to learn and discover..and at the end of the day it remains an art touched by mystery and the holy, not a science.

  1. Your Dominant is lucky indeed, as are you! I love the phrase “study your art,” in the D/s context. Self-expression… art… winding fields of energy wrapping around each other. I look forward to more masochist confessions from you, catt. Don’t disappoint.

  2. The masochists that i’ve thought the ‘best in class’, were always very strong women.
    The sadist/master or ???, doesn’t take that power; he/she couldn’t; it is given, offered freely by the masochist to one she/he chooses, trusts.

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