I Need to be sent back to the Factory for Retuning.Where’s my Warranty?

In 1 on December 19, 2009 at 6:27 pm

I cannot believe it. A wonderful lady who is a pro Photographer, her burlesque work as well as other kinds in black and white is gorgeosity, asked me to sit for her, we had it all set up for this morning, I was absolutely tickled and looking forward to collabing with her.

And, I did not hear the alarm this morning. Now generally speaking I hear every breath within 200 ft, and I wake at 5am.

I missed out. And bumped the time of this generous pro. I am devastated, and embarrassed. Flying out of her Monday, no time to reschedule.

I’ve been taking my own photos for two years and had hoped some might go well with my writing submissions, plus some could be a little ham for the cam straight out fun.

My warranty is obviously expired. It’s not all hanging together well.

Holy. The disappointment and embarrassment….

I need some sort of tweaking, obviously, but this, this was inexplicable.

I could cry. Cat


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